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Mozilla as Platform - Intro


Category: Software Development
Duration: 3~4 day (12~16h)
Prerequisites: Javascript, XML, XHTML, CSS, DHTML

Course Goal is to introduce partecipants into “Mozilla as Platform” topics. Cause Mozilla is a very large platform this “1st Level Intro Course” only cover the “Javascript and XML Side” of the Platform to gently introduce partecipants into the topic.

DAY1: Introducing Mozilla (Project/Community, Foundation, Corporation); information to get in touch with the developer community; use of online Documentation; high level view of the platform; brief description of plugins and Firefox extensions' differences; description of technologies used in a Firefox extension (Javascript, XML, CSS, XUL); high level view of Chrome Registration and XPCOM concepts.

DAY2: XUL Hello World; brief description of XUL special features (from an XHTML point of view); use of some simple XUL control; use XUL layout features (box and flex); introduce some advanced XUL features (overlay, template); setting up Firefox extension development environment; introduction of useful Firefox extension's developer extensions (Javascript shells, debuggers and platform introspection tools); Install Manifest and Chrome Registration; shadow registration of an hello world extension.

DAY3: Describe differences between Chrome and Content (priviliged and unpriviliged javascript code); example of content and chrome interaction on MozREPL; more MozREPL (platform introspection and navigation); describe XPCOM Components and Services meaning and use; introduction of FUEL API; Extension dissection.



Content Skeleton

    • Understanding different meaning of the work “MOZILLA”
    • Understanding of Mozilla Community Structure
    • Knowledge of Mozilla Developers Services and Source/Share of Knowledge
    • Understanding Mozilla Platform architecture
    • Knowledge of XUL markup use
    • Understanding differences between chrome and content
    • Understanding Mozilla Addon structure and XPI distribution
    • Knowledge of useful extension and applicazion developer tools on mozilla platform
  • Extension Example
    • Description
      • a simple firefox extension
      • describe preparation of an extension developer environment
      • an example of chrome registration and install metadata
      • a button on the statusbar as example of Chrome Overlay
      • open a new tab as example of the new FUEL API
      • XUL templates regeneration with XML source
      • code a Tab Previewer with the canvas object as example of funny stuffs
  • Intro
    • Who's Mozilla?
    • Mozilla Developers Community
    • Online Manuals and API Reference
    • Printed Books
    • Mozilla Platform View
  • Firefox Extension Developer Primer
    • Extensions vs. Plugins
    • An High Level View of a Firefox Extension
      • Extension as XML+JS+CSS
      • Chrome Registration in Theory
      • why and when XPCOM
      • Mixed XUL / HTML
      • More XUL
        • controls
        • box e flex
        • overlays
        • template
    • Prepare your Development Environment
      • Mozilla Developer Tools
        • Priviliged Javascript Interactive Shels
          • XPCShell
          • MozREPL
        • Priviliged Javascript Debuggers
          • Venkman
          • ChromeBug
        • Priviliged Inspections Tools
          • DOMInspector + InspectorWidget
          • ChromeList
          • XPCOMViewer
        • Extension Developer Utils
          • Extensions Developer Extension
          • Console^2
        • IDE
          • XUL_Explorer
          • OpenKomodo/KomodoEdit
      • Firefox DEVEL Profile creation
      • Init your extension source directory
      • create your Install Manifest
      • create your Chrome Manifest
    • Chrome vs. Content
      • priviliged vs. unpriviliged
      • XPCNativeWrapper and wrappedJSObject
    • XPCOM Components vs. Services
      • describe difference between Components and Services
      • XPCOM Components and Services example of use
    • FUEL
      • Introduction to FUEL API
      • Application and other FUEL Objects

External References

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